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With my blog I would like to make the field of holistic health, consisting of expert knowledge and practical insights into MIND, BODY and LIFESTYLE, accessible to the general public.


[VIDEO] Healing myself

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb4JcPlxhJ8&t To inspire my patients, I have set to music a few phrases of mine that have also inspired my own health and happiness. Healing

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Mind-body interdependence in osteopathic treatment

Torsten Liem, Patrick Van Den Heede, Geist-Körper-Interdependenz in der osteopathischen Behandlung, Osteopathische Medizin. 2021; 22 3: 28-32,https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1615907121000836 Zusammenfassung In Dysfunktionen beeinträchtigen Störungen der physischen Anpassungsfähigkeit

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Dino Muzzi


"The potential of osteopathy and psychology is a complementarity of approaches. It is necessary to understand and accept that the mechanical component is always associated with

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To live a healthy life is actually easy, but the approaches and essential aspects of it are usually not known. I see it as my mission to inspire and stimulate here.

Torsten Liem
Osteopathy Hamburg-Torsten Liem Congress

Twenty years ago I founded the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland GmbH (short: OSD). My goal was to develop a training concept that would bundle my knowledge in osteopathy and convey the profession of an osteopath in a catchy way. This year, I retired from the management and now dedicate myself extensively to passing on my knowledge in order to encourage a healthy life.

On my blog you can expect

  • practical tips to promote health and happiness
  • Tricks to break the cycle of discomfort, injury, fatigue and illness
  • Practical exercise parts
  • Simple tests to measure health
  • Research findings relevant to everyday life, for example on nutrition, exercise, sleep, happiness and yoga

I look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions and hope you enjoy reading it!

Torsten Liem