Cranial Osteopathy, A Practical Textbook

Cranial Osteopathy, A Practical Textbook
Torsten Liem
827 Seiten, Eastlandpress, Vista 2009


Cranial Osteopathy is both a textbook for practical training as well as an in-depth reference book, providing the knowledge base for successful application of cranial osteopathy. Designed with the practitioner in mind, it provides a comprehensive compilation of recent studies and research in this field, with extensive resource materials and nearly 500 illustrations and photographs. This book will deepen your practice of cranial osteopathy in the following ways:

  • Enable better assessment of responses to treatment
  • Enable a more integral palpatory approach to the patient, with a deepening of the different dimensions of touch and resonance
  • Enable better differentiation in the cranial examination of patients * Facilitate the process of conscious listening during palpation
  • Clarify the act of therapeutic synchronization with the homeodynamic forces in the tissues
  • Provide a better understanding of the stages of growth and modes of ossification of bones, which explain certain windows of time in treatment
  • Provide a more precise understanding of sutures to enable more satisfactory delivery of treatment

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